Hong Kong Arts Month

Art Basel Hong Kong

You need a strong pair of legs to get through Hong Kong Art Month! I recently spent two and a half days in Hong Kong to see international art fairs Art Basel and Art Central, and did more steps than I usually do in several weeks. The yum-cha kind of balanced things out in the end though...I enjoyed seeing Art Basel with over 195 galleries showcasing 20th and 21st-century works. Installations by Australian artist Nyapanyapa Yunupingu and Japan's Shinji Ohmaki were among my favourites. It was also nice to see familiar faces at Singapore's Sullivan+Strumpf, Mizuma and STPI. 

Art Central Hong Kong 

Two hours were all I had to catch Art Central, so I was making the rounds pretty quickly. Lots of beautiful work to be seen in the temporary but intimate pop-up tent hall. Richard Koh, Mars Gallery and Art Atrium had some inspiring works. With over 100 galleries participating, there was definitely something for anyone looking for contemporary artwork. So glad I had the chance to visit with friends and enjoy a couple of days of Mandarin immersion! 

Lim Clan Ancestral Hall Excursion

I've been so inspired by my connection to Singapore and love sharing it with anyone who wants to listen! I recently led a group of enthusiastic participants to the Lim Clan Ancestral Hall on Cantonment Road. It was a wonderful morning and new discoveries made. There were so many sign-ups that I'm planning another one soon! Join me & discover more of Singapore. Sign up now! 

ANZA Art Workshop

ANZA members reinventing Peranakan culture! Wonderful to have a full house of creative ladies from the Australia & New Zealand Association at a recent Peranakan Printing Express Workshop. Great to see how people tackled the design challenges of this decorative display mat. I'm happy to see how well the new border tiles worked out in these prints. Many thanks to ANZA for organising this most enjoyable session!

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Parent Child Art Bonding Workshop

Children make great art teachers! I love seeing the boldness and creativity that they naturally seem to have. When it comes to deciding on colour and patterns, children seem to rely on their gut feeling and appear a lot less inhibited than adult learners. I also love seeing parents working together with their kids to create something that captures a beautiful moment in time. There’s a lot to be learnt on many levels from these petite participants!

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