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Beginner? Enjoy being creative in a supportive space. Artist? Learn new skills to enhance your practice. 

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Join me and create with Peranakan culture. Be inspired by this eclectic culture and make your own memories of Singapore. This workshop is perfect for beginners, or for previous students wanting to make the 'ultimate' new design! 

Take some time out for yourself and enjoy some creative relaxation amid a supportive environment. It's a boutique experience and all you need to bring along is...yourself!



Beginner fabric Block PRINTING

This unique workshop will teach you how to draw and design an original rubber stamp for to use in block printing. You'll then learn to safely carve a rubber block with specialised tools. Finally, we'll print on pre-hemmed fabric so that you can take home both a finished textile artwork and your hand-carved block for future projects! 




beginner japanese woodblock

Learn the basics of Japanese woodblock carving in a workshop perfect for beginners. Create your own handmade prints using a special printmaking technique used to create 'Ukiyoe' artwork loved by artists including Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet! 

Carve your own block and print it with specially pre-carved blocks to create a unique myriad of colour and design. Feel free to design your own image ahead of time, or use images provided during the workshop. Participants will learn image transfer, block carving, paper preparation and proofing. 

Water-based and non-toxic, Japanese woodblock printing is a great for making prints at home. At the end of the session, you’ll be able to take home your carved block to display and an edition of prints to impress your friends! 


Private art workshops: CREATE WITH CULTURE

Be inspired by Singapore’s rich and diverse heritage! Craft and create your own memories of this island nation in unique private art workshops available for couples, friends and small groups. Enjoy a boutique experience complete with tea, cappuccino and local kueh sweets! Suitable for complete beginners, intermediate learners and art enthusiasts.

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Private sessions are available from 2 people onwards - gather your partner or some friends together for a unique session of creativity! 

Peranakan Fabric Block Printing (2.5-hours):

$138 per pax for groups of 3-6 persons, $149 per pax for 2 friends

Beginner Fabric Block Carving & Printing (4-hours)

$165 per pax for groups of 3-6 persons, $175 per pax for 2 friends

Express Japanese Woodblock (2.5-hours): 

$138 per pax for groups of 3-6 persons, $149 per pax for 2 friends

Beginner Japanese Woodblock (4.5-hours)

$148 per pax or groups of 3-6 persons, $158 per pax for 2 friends

LOOKING for a unique peranakan experience for your event?

Create a unique experience for your group to enjoy art & Peranakan culture.

  • Be inspired by Peranakan tiles and heritage architecture.
  • Enjoy the hands-on process of designing, selecting colours and printing 
  • Add on a presentation about Peranakan culture and learn more about the cross-cultural history and outlook of the Peranakan people - a mindset vital to global business communication.

Venue Hire: If you're interested in having the workshop at your venue, please see information about necessary requirements.

Please note that all workshops are subject to policies set out in Workshop Policy