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Singapore’s decorative past is elegant, colourful and cross-cultural. Research into my Singaporean roots over the past seven years has led me to look closer at the vintage tiles adorning shophouses, temples and commemorative spaces linked to my ancestors.

My discoveries have been so inspirational that I’ve launched a project to curate a selection over 200 tiles in a unique full-colour book set for publication in late 2019.


Why this project?

This passion project stems from love! Since moving to Singapore in 2012, my desire to uncover the mysteries behind my heritage led me to countless ‘chance’ encounters with delicate vintage tiles from the 1940’s and earlier.

I’ve grown to view these decorative surfaces as a symbol of my own love for Singapore, as love for family both living and deceased, and as love for a timeless beauty beyond borders.

Through my exploration of heritage tiles, I hope to highlight social, cultural and historical value held by these exquisite artefacts as a source of national pride that also defines Singapore’s special place in the world. Get exclusive updates on this project


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Bukit Brown cemetery

Learn more about Singapore’s history and heritage at Bukit Brown Cemetery - also a wonderful place for tile-spotting!

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Photo courtesy of Bianca Polak

Photo courtesy of Bianca Polak

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Hi Jennifer - good on you for embarking on this new project of yours. You are giving back to your family and to SG in such a beautiful and loving way.
— E.W