Indian, Batik & Peranakan Textiles

I was lucky enough to recently see some of the wonderful collection of antique Indian and Peranakan textiles owned by Singapore Mr Peter Lee, an art historian, writer and committee member of the Peranakan Association, and honorary curator for Baba House.  Mr. Lee helped curate the fantastic Sarong Kebaya exhibition at the Peranakan Museum a few years ago.

Fellow members from the Friends of the Museum‘s textile sub-group were awed by the magnificent array of furniture in Peter’s house, and were even allowed to touch Indian textiles going back to the 13th century. We also saw Batik made by Indo-Chinese workshop of Oey Soe Tjoen and Indian textiles exported to Japan. The lovely spread of kueh-kueh (traditional sweets) was also most appreciated – thank you very much for your hospitality, Mr. Lee and Madam Lee!