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Straits Victorian   in the background

Straits Victorian in the background

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Keen on art, culture and other beautiful parts of life?
So am I! My monthly newsletter features some of my work-in-progress, art workshops and my artistic ramblings!


2018 | March | Art Commissions | ANZA workshops | Cultural Excursion

2017 | May | France Print Triennial | SilverKris Travel | Peranakan Places

2017 | February | Upcoming Solo Show | My Lim Clan Connection | Art Workshops

2017 | January | Peranakan Prints Homeware Collection | Victorian Voyage Print

2016 | December | Katong Antique House, Chinese New Year Art Workshops, Tile Trade Wealth & Luck Print

2016 | October | Who Are The Peranakans. Peranakan Museum Workshops, M.C. Escher  Excursion, Belgium Posy Artwork

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