Japanese Woodblock Workshop - June 2015

I just love teaching this class and seeing how students master the technique and unique nature of this craft. The dampness of the paper, the grain of the block, the humidity in the room...and how much caffeine/sweets have been consumed all adds character to the prints! 

See the beautiful multiple block prints made by students in my recent workshop. And a kind review: 

'Jennifer Lim would have been the teacher that I would have loved to have been taught by at school - she is incredibly calm, patient and meticulous in her method and her workshop was such a pleasure to take part of. 

This was my first experience in wood blocking and it was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Jennifer took me through every step with great guidance and explained everything so well that by the end I felt I had become quite competent in my new skill - thank you Jennifer.'

- Natalie Blayney

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