Student workshop gallery


corporate team building - oCBC

Great to see a corporate design team getting creative at one of Singapore's oldest Hokkien temples! Yummy kueh sweets and local coffee powered our enjoyable carving and printing session lasting three hours. With the heritage floor tiles and the nearby Peranakan Tiles Gallery, there was lots of inspiration! 

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It was a relaxing environment to get to know colleagues outside of work context. I had a fun time with them :)
— Edalene Tay
We had tons of fun, and it was interesting to see one another’s masterpieces in process. I enjoyed myself very much.
— Lim Li Li

corporate team building - Singapore management university

Great to help out a team at SMU as part of their one-day training program. 

peranakan museum singapore 

The Peranakan Museum Singapore invited me to teach four weekend workshops in October 2016 as part of a community outreach programme. With over 55 participants from countries including India, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Germany, South America and Singapore, the workshops were a fantastic chance to share my love of printmaking and Peranakan culture with a diverse audience. 

peranakan Printing - Express fabric block

Cheerful designs and chatting were enjoyed during a recent private group workshop! It was fun to work with participants to come up with their own designs and colour combinations.  These Japanese participants gained an insight into Peranakan culture and came away with their hand-crafted Singapore souvenir. Contact me to book your own fun session with friends! 

national gallery singapore

Fantastic session at one of the most beautifully renovated heritage buildings in Singapore! And that's exactly what the inspiration for this linocut workshop came from. Tiles, hand rails, windows, doors and even the roof were part of a fun session of carving and printing. 

parent-child fabric printing

As a mother of two small children, I know how great art can be for boosting confidence and developing fine motor skills. More importantly, it's a really lovely experience to spend time with your children doing something memorable. I had Japanese children as young as five years enjoy a two-hour session of printing with their parents. It was a fun and satisfying morning for all with kids producing some colourful artwork to kickstart their school holidays! I hope these children will know look at parts of Singapore with new eyes - future Peranakan culture ambassadors! 

Get a group of parents and children together at your condo for your own private printing session! Contact me to learn more. 

Peranakan fabric Printing

What happens when you get a group of university alumni friends and neighbours together in Singapore? Lots of fun and laughter, and some beautiful Peranakan inspired prints! Lovely group of students for this private booking. 

chinese new year printing

Chinese New Year is such fun - and creating your own handmade table runner is a fantastic way to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. Recent students enjoyed a culturally creative crafting session. I'm always amazed and inspired by the designs that my students come up with. Lovely to meet yet another very international group of people in Singapore.  

lasalle college of the arts 

Love teaching the next generation! I recently enjoyed teaching students at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. Seems like just yesterday when I was in art school learning to print myself! It's great to see students from so many different countries coming together to learn.