Looking to improve communication, build confidence and boost motivation?

Create a unique experience for your team to bond through art and Peranakan culture. Enjoy the process of designing, selecting colours and the hands-on sensation of block printing. Learn more about the cross-cultural history and outlook of the Peranakan people - a mindset vital to global business communication. Add on a presentation about Peranakan culture for total Baba-Nyonya experience! 


Option A - Peranakan Fabric Printing

Benefits - Boost Confidence, Improve Relaxation, Increase Team Morale

Team members create their own printed fabric artwork alongside each other while enjoying a collective creative process. 

Option B - Peranakan Team Art Printing

Benefits - Improve Communication, Build Team Cooperation, Increase Mutual Respect

Team members work closely in a group to create a hand-printed art canvas ready for display in an office, boardroom or reception.


Singapore Management University - Office of Global Learning 

Dear Jennifer,

Here’s wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!

From all of us at SMU’s Office of Global Learning, thank you for an amazing workshop. This specially~ designed card pays tribute to what you taught us!:)
— Bernadette Toh

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)


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It was a relaxing environment to get to know colleagues outside of work context. I had a fun time with them :)
— Edalene Tay
We had tons of fun, and it was interesting to see one another’s masterpieces in process. I enjoyed myself very much.
— Lim Li Li