Haruka Kojin @ Hermes Singapore

Hermes Singapore recently asked me to do some interpreting and translation work for the installation of several on-site art pieces by Japanese artist Haruka Kojin. It was a lot of fun to help and amazing to see the work unearthed from packing crates and then finally installed at the Hermes Liat Tower show window. 

Titled 'Contact Lense', the installation literally uses images from nearby surroundings to create a fascinating composition of distorted and reflective bubbles of light and colour. 

The acrylic disks are made up of both plain acrylic but also ones with a degree of magnification designed. In combination with mirrors, the effect is eye-catching but also somewhat unsettling. 

Kojin was born in Hiroshima in 1983 and since a child was attracted to the physical space around her, and how it defines our existence. 

Haruka has exhibited similar works in other countries, but each installation is carefully planned according to the existing space and conditions. 

For the Hermès project, Kojin is focused on extracting a kind of beauty from everyday objects and incorporating it into fashion. 

This installation can be seen until October 3, 2017 at the Hermès Liat Tower store at 541 Orchard Road. Don't forget to check out their Aloft Gallery on the 4th floor, where you can find regular exhibitions of international and local artists. 

Four-Year-Old Fan Club

It's always nice to have admirers. 

When not stealing my pencils, my daughter is always very supportive of me. Recently she said, 'Wow! Bootiful!'. Her comment made my day. 

She's looking forward to taking art classes in Mandarin soon. It's fun learning colours in Chinese together. At this rate, I better get her a set of Derwent pencils exactly like mine. Then I can borrow them! 

Mummy and mini-me at Hollandse Club solo show. 

Mummy and mini-me at Hollandse Club solo show.