Peranakan Printmaking - New Projects

I'm excited about a new project for my workshops - to create handprinted cotton scarves. Both sides are printed so the scarf will be reversible. Great for those chilly moments inside and hot ones out! If you like the look of this - drop me a line and I'll keep you updated for the next class! 

Peranakan Printing & Japanese Alumni Friends

What happens when you get a group of Japanese alumni friends and neighbours together in Singapore? Lots of fun and laughter, and some beautiful Peranakan inspired prints!

I really enjoyed creating my very own design. The workshop was lots of fun!
— Yoko Oshima
Working out how to create my own design and colour combination was enjoyable. I found the workshop was not too easy or difficult - a great fit. Thanks very much!
— Kaori Aoyama

Chinese New Year Printing

I always enjoy running my Chinese New Year printing workshops in January. Students recently enjoyed a special series of seasonally inspired printing sessions to make decorative table runners. Students used a library of Peranakan tile designs, Chinese auspicious flowers and Chinese written characters to create gorgeous personalised designs.  Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Tile Trade Series - New Work Coming Soon

The latest print in the Tile Trade series is on its way! Wealth & Luck was the first print I made almost a year ago after discovering a connection between Singapore and Japan in the form of wasei (Japanese made) majolica tiles. It seems that these relief tiles were customised to feature auspicious fruits, flowers and symbols commonly seen in Chinese culture.  

This 'sibling' block also has a terrific story that I unearthed after making some amazing discoveries about my family history in Singapore. It was inspired by a tile I discovered at a temple built with donations made by people including my great grandfather, Lim Nee Yam. The original tile is from Holland and is also a design popular among Japanese visitors. 

Take a peek at the process behind making my first block!