Parent Child Art Bonding Workshop

Children make great art teachers! I love seeing the boldness and creativity that they naturally seem to have. When it comes to deciding on colour and patterns, children seem to rely on their gut feeling and appear a lot less inhibited than adult learners. I also love seeing parents working together with their kids to create something that captures a beautiful moment in time. There’s a lot to be learnt on many levels from these petite participants!

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Peranakan Cultural Ambassadors - the Next Japanese Generation

The next generation of Peranakan culture lovers! A group of budding Japanese artists recently produced some gorgeous work in a private printing workshop. With English up their sleeve, these kids may well be future ambassadors for Peranakan culture in ways we can't imagine. 

Also a mother, I love seeing the confidence and sense of wonder on my kids' faces when we do art together. I recently held a private workshop for parents and kids to learn some Peranakan inspired printmaking. It was lovely to see parents designing and creating with one or even two of their children! 

I enjoyed being able to work out my design and choose my own colours. The content of this workshop was just right for my 8-year-old child and he enjoyed it.
— Eri Kitagawa, Japan