Work in Progress - Pieces of Place

'Pieces of Place' series kicks off with a site-specific work for the CREATIVE Objects vs. CREATIVE PEOPLE project at European furniture boutique Mobel Story Singapore. Join us for the cocktail party 6:00pm - 9:00pm on Saturday 20 February, 2016 at Mobel!  Please 'Like' my TEAM #5 on the Möbel Story Singapor FB page and help me win this competition!

This elegant and solid living room combination from the Hulsta Now! TIME collection is a key piece for displaying cherished photos, loved books and carefully curated objects. I chose this unit to fit with my exploration into the notion of ‘home’ and the desire to belong somewhere. I’ve used a mixture of patterns, place names and phrases in an attempt to define my personal connection to Singapore - my father’s homeland.

I view heritage tiles on graves and property owned by my Hokkien and Peranakan ancestors as a symbol of trade and cultural exchange in this region. My incorporation of phrases from Malay and Chinese are broken up by ‘gaps’ in my tiled wall - reflecting my limited understanding of these languages and a fragmented knowledge of my family history. Each tile motif for this site specific artwork was originally created using Japanese woodblock printing and screenprint.

Photographer: Nathalie Ziegler, White Frangipani Photography