Peranakans - Neither Fish Nor Fowl?

An interesting article titled 'Neither Fish nor Fowl written in 2008 by Patricia Ann Hardwick of Indiana University. 

'This article traces the way in which political processes influence the creation and presentation of Peranakan ethnic identity during the colonial and post-colonial period in Singapore. Peranakan culture combines southern Chinese and Malay traditions and is unique to the nations of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Peranakan identity began to emerge in the seventeenth century and flourished under the British administration of the Straits Settlements and British Malaya in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Associated with the British colonial system, Peranakan identity was suppressed by early Singaporean nationalists. Aspects of Peranakan identity including women’s costume and Peranakan material culture are currently celebrated by the Singaporean nation as emblems of its unique past, as individuals claiming to be Peranakan are encouraged to assimilate to majority Chinese culture.'


How about the good 'ole Qilin? A pretty exotic beast with the head of a dragon, the body of a horse, and fish scales covering its skin!