Affordable Art Fair Spring Singapore

Since being approached by Ludo Gallery several weeks ago, I've really been looking forward to the Affordable Art Fair Singapore starting this Friday 17 April. I'll be wearing my favourite sarong kebaya with a printing apron as I demonstrate Japanese woodblock printing! Come along on Saturday 18 April at 5.00pm, 6.00pm and 7.00pm to see the same 400-year old technique used in Ukiyoe prints. My recent Peranakan Peony series will also be on show with my Temasek Travel watercolour paintings and other woodblock prints. Hope to see you there! 

Detail from  Patterned Landscape , 1994 

Detail from Patterned Landscape, 1994 

Detail from  Peranakan Peony , EV 28/50, 2015

Detail from Peranakan Peony, EV 28/50, 2015

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