singapore art workshops

Enjoy unique art workshops while learning more about Peranakan culture. Whether you're a beginner and experienced crafter, immerse yourself in the relaxing process of designing and creating your own fabric prints. Australian-Singaporean artist Jennifer Lim guides you in a supported learning journey in the heart of Singapore.

Public & Private Workshops

Public Workshops are usually offered on a regular basis.

Private Workshops enable solo crafters, couples and groups of friends to select a date of their choice.

Junior Peranakan Printing allows students to enjoy culture and creativity.

corporate team bonding workshops

Engage your team in a fun session of design and crafting in Peranakan Art Bonding Workshops

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Be inspired by gorgeous shophouse tiles found around Singapore! Create your own Peranakan tile inspired fabric artwork in a bite-sized workshop perfect for beginners and experienced creatives.

Create an original rubber block and produce your own hand-printed fabric! In around 4 hours, you’ll be able to design, transfer your image and carve an original rubber block before hand-printing on fabric. Use your own design, or be inspired by my heritage Peranakan tile range!


gift certificates now available

Art Workshops

Express Peranakan Printing is perfect for busy beginners and experienced creatives wanting to create their own Singapore heritage tile inspired hand-printed artwork in a compact 2.5 hour workshop. Learn more

Fine art

Original art prints are available for delivery in Australia and Singapore and can be found in our Singapore Heritage Tile Collection. A gift certificate can be created for you by contacting us.

Workshop Testimonials

Peranakan Printing

I loved everything about the workshop and the easygoing nature of the class. The history discussions, meeting new people and actually creating something.
— Laura Welfare-Sharp
Jennifer先生がとても優しくチャーミングな方で、先生のルーツのお話やプラナカンタイルのお話に興味がありました。来月、本帰国するので、友達と参加できてシンガポールでの貴重な思い出になりました。 Jennifer先生が日本語で説明してくださるので、とてもわかりやすかったです。作業は慣れればかんたんでしたが、デザインや色を決めるのが難しかったです。途中、失敗しましたが、先生がアドバイスして下さり、私だけの素敵な模様に仕上がりました。もし機会があれば、彫刻のワークショップにも参加したいです。どうもありがとうございました。
— 野田千秋
— Yumiko Mizuno
I attended the basic workshop and really enjoyed it, and then thought I would like to make my own block. I enjoyed the process of making my own block and creating my own design.
— Rika Frost
I was interested in Jennifer’s connections to Peranakan culture and the Peranakan influence in her artwork. The practical element of her workshop was appealing for our students.

The workshop was very well resourced and I like the way that all materials were organised and laid out prior to the workshop. Jennifer had a calm and clear manner with the students who took part in the workshop.

I would recommend the workshops for a range of ages, with the element of block carving for slightly older children. The pace and range of activities kept the students engaged.
— Jennifer Ramos-Virley, Dulwich College Singapore