Art Workshops: FAQ

Learn more about my unique art workshops! I love helping people connect to culture and their own creativity. Join me in an exploration of design, colour and self-expression in relaxing sessions perfect for art enthusiasts.

  A workshop held at the Peranakan Museum. 

A workshop held at the Peranakan Museum. 

What kind of workshops do you offer?

Keen to experience the basics of block printing? Express Peranakan Block Printing is great for busy people to quickly create a finished artwork inspired by Peranakan tiles. Select your favourite patterns from an extensive library of ready-made blocks.

Want to create and carve your own block? Beginner Block Printing teaches you how to transfer your image and carve a rubber block. You’ll also be able to print your block and take a completed work home. Be inspired by Peranakan tiles or create your own design!

  Block printing on paper - also called linocut. 

Block printing on paper - also called linocut. 

Umm...What is Block Printing? 

Potato prints ring a bell? That's the right direction! Block printing usually uses a kind of ‘stamp’ made of linoleum, rubber, metal or wood to print a pattern onto a surface. You can buy decorative pre-carved blocks, use found objects or carve your own design to create truly customised patterns. See more examples in the Student Gallery. 

  Carving can be very therapeautic! 

Carving can be very therapeautic! 

Can I keep the block I carve?

Of course! Beginner Block Printing is a great way to learn how to carve your own block so you can use it in other projects. Use your block to decorate greeting cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, placemats and cushions. Or create a hand-printed t-shirt and scarf that no-one will ever be able to copy!

  Sometimes I go walk-about as the Aussies say...

Sometimes I go walk-about as the Aussies say...

Are your workshops monthly?

My workshops are seasonal so it depends on my exhibition and travel commitments. I limit participant numbers because I like to give each student lots of attention so they can pick up as many skills as possible. See workshop schedule. 

  Photography by  Honeykids Asia

Photography by Honeykids Asia

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! My workshops are designed to be a relaxing art ‘indulgence’ and everything is provided including materials, tools and aprons. We also love to serve local sweets and cappuccino. Heck - we even do the cleaning up afterwards! And if you're hungry afterwards, do join me for lunch. Honeykids Asia recently wrote about me and my local neighbourhood! 

  Gorgeous trio! 

Gorgeous trio! 

How do I book?

All my workshop can be booked here. I accept online payments and will respond with details such as location after your booking is made. 

I also offer private workshops for groups and corporations, and can tailor to your budget. Just drop me a line! 


Care instructions for your fabric

Setting Your Fabric
Just a gentle reminder - don’t forget to heat-set your fabric before you consider washing it! The textile ink we use must be set permanently by ironing your fabric with a dry iron on high heat. Use a handkerchief between the paint surface and your iron, or carefully only iron the back cotton part. Don't let the paint surface touch the iron. Press each section for several seconds to ensure adequate heat. 

Washing Your Fabric
I recommend that your work is gently hand-washed due to its delicate nature. As with all hand-printed textiles, it’s likely that your fabric will gently age over time. Please treat your beautiful creation with the love and care it deserves. 


Workshop Policy

  • Aprons are provided but it is advisable to wear old clothing underneath as inks used can stain clothing permanently. Inks are low-toxic and water-based but no responsibility will be taken for damage or injury to material possessions or health.
  • Images and feedback from workshops may be used for marketing purposes unless otherwise indicated.
  • Workshops have a minimum number of students and may be rescheduled or a refund given if deemed necessary. Tickets are non-refundable and if you are unable to attend, you may wish to find a replacement before kindly providing us with the person's contact details.
  • Ticket sales close 48 hours prior to each workshop due to preparation requirements.