See some of the prints and paintings enjoyed by supporters of my work. 

Mind Map ii | interior design journey, SINGAPORE

Working with Jennifer Lim was a great experience, she is very professional and her work is stunning. I had selected 3 Mind Map prints to be hung in a triptych at The Fernhill Condominium in Singapore to set the tone of what was to come next once you enter into the apartment, my clients loved them! The prints made the perfect statement at the entry foyer as you come out of the private lift lobby. Thanks Jen!’
— Priya Naik, Interior Design Journey, Singapore

Tile Trade - wealth & luck | getrude tan, SINGAPORE

I bought two print works done by Jennifer Lim. One of them is a Peranakan wall tile inspired print. The work is very delicate and cross cultural. She successfully transformed a traditional object into a contemporary print.
— Getrude Tan, Consultant, Singapore

Peranakan Peony | Esther Wan, Singapore

I am very happy with my “Peranakan Peony” print by Jennifer Lim. I chose this edition for the softness and serenity of its colours, and framed it to evoke a gentle, old world feel. The purity and quiet strength of my peony is perfect in my study. When deep in thought or puzzled by a task at hand, it soothes and gives my mind a place to rest.
— Esther Wan, Librarian, Singapore