Jennifer lim - Creating with culture

An ongoing exploration of family history amid the wider context of migration is Jennifer’s current main theme. Her personal experience as a person of mixed ethnicity, coupled with her study of languages and corporate position as an interpreter, have her visual research. Lim raises questions of identity in ethnic and national terms, and in a geographical context, amid an increasingly globalised world. She is also influenced by natural and built landscapes, and their connection to our existence.

Lim often employs cultural symbols and motifs, and manipulates their traditional use and meaning in order to foster a new fresh outlook. Her depository of gathered images and patterns becomes a self-made visual vocabulary to document a fluid geographical ‘map’ as she reflects on time spent living abroad and in her home country. The notion of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ is another concept dominant in her current work, where she references local languages, and features from heritage architecture.

The creation of fictional ‘maps’ also commonly feature in Lim’s work and are born out of a desire to create a point of reference for those that do not feel they belong to a status dictated by bureaucracy. She uses a variety of geopolitical references to produce a visual chart to describe her physical and imagined position in our contemporary world.

Since her arrival in Singapore in 2012, Lim has been exploring her family ties to the Hokkien and Peranakan community. Her observation of local norms is mixed with comprehension and misunderstanding - a fragmented state reflected in her mismatching and patchwork-like art series.

As a professionally trained printmaker with qualifications in interior technology and building design, Lim creates two and three dimensional art. Her recent focus on printmaking and painting is complimented by her use of Japanese woodblock printing. She also relies on textiles and sculpture depending on the nature of her projects.

Artist Bio